Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Media Driven Pop Culture Dictionary

  1. Popular: A person who has 1000+ facebook friends
  2. Famous: What you become if you are an a$$hole on a reality TV show
  3. Fear: What a person feels after watching FOX
  4. Middle East: A dangerous part of the world filled with deserts, camels, and terrorists, where women are not allowed to leave their homes
  5. Patriot: Sarah Palin
  6. Enemy: A person who does not agree with you
  7. Saving money: Getting a discount and no payments for 12 months
  8. Happy: Rich
  9. Happier: Rich and beautiful
  10. Happiest: Rich, beautiful, and famous
  11. Healthy: Someone who eats fat free yogurt and Fiber 1 cereal in the morning
  12. Idol: Someone who wins the sing and dance TV show
  13. Intelligence: A service provided by the CIA
  14. Romance: Candle light, satin, and red roses
  15. Iraq: A country filled by happy people freed from all evil by USA

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