Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top Thirteen Advantages of Not Having a Smart Phone

My blackberry was stolen last week. In an effort to be positive and see the glass half full I have composed a top 13 list of advantages of not having a smart phone! In fact most of the
items on the list apply to not having any mobile phone. Why 13? Well, why not? I mean the number 13 has really been oppressed in our society and deserves every attention that it can get. Here is me showing my solidarity with number 13!

1. No more worries about your phone being stolen, running out of battery, getting wet in the rain or the water you just had to jump into, or being dropped in the toilet (trust me, have done it twice)!
2. You actually pick cafes based on whether you like their food and coffee as apposed whether they have a free WiFi sign!
3. Friends stop calling you anti-social because you constantly look at your phone while at dinner with them.
4. No more surprise data roaming charges (Oh but I really needed to tweet that picture in the middle of the desert in Africa!)
5. You will never date a guy who keeps sending text messages as apposed to picking up the phone and calling you at home.
6. No more flight attendants telling you for the 100th time to switch off your phone. Oh and you never have to worry about being the recipient of that awful look when everyone in the movie theater turns around because you had forgotten to switch off your phone.
7. You actually will have conversations with strangers that start with other than, “Hey do you have signal?” or “Oh, is that an iPhone 4?”
8. You are not constantly disappointed that that one special person who said was going to call/email/text is not doing so!
9. While traveling with your friends, you will no longer be the designated person for bringing up the map and navigating everyone through the unknown roads. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery!
10. While waiting, you actually get to see your surrounding people and things. Often you see very interesting things and meet very interesting people.
11. No one is able to call you to pick something up on your way home!
12. You go from reactive (I should answer when you call otherwise you will get pissed off and I have already used the “my phone was out of battery” a 1000 times) to proactive (I will call you when I feel like it)!
13. You get to write top 13 lists as apposed to checking facebook for the 100th time to see if someone has commented on your last post.

P.S. Irony: I had this idea while on a plane, wishing I had a my blackberry to write the points down before I forgot!

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